Cycle of Process Improvement:

In today’s competitive business environment being nimble and able to improve performance is the hallmark of world class organizations. A melioration strategy that is both functional and personalized for the needs of individual companies.  Backman Global incorporates simple effective systems that are user-friendly within all levels of the organization. Here are a few simple “do’s and don’ts” to jumpstart your process.

  1. Data, data & more data:  Use a structured system making sure the project selected is aligned to business strategic goals.  Decisions should be based on data and not motions.
  2. Create a team:  This should be cross-functional which includes process experts.  Do not rely solely on your “favorites” or the front office
  3. Follow a process:  The team should use a standardized process improvement road map – there are many out there.  This will help guide the team to a reach their goal.
  4. Test the data:  When a solution is identified make sure to rigorously capture and test the data.  Many projects fail due to inaccurate or inadequate data.
  5. Update SOP’s & Training:  Something will change as part of a process improvement effort.  This change must be documented in updated standard operating procedures (SOPs) and all impacted team members must be trained in the new procedures.  This step is essential to long term success and will lead to failure if not followed.

Backman Global LLC has over 35 years’ experience working with companies to improve performance and add to bottom line profitability. Call us, make an appointment, and let us help you to peek IP success.  Please contact us at

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