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 Backman Global LLC is an independent consulting agency based in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Our  mission is to refine client-centered strategies that advance productivity using our industry expertise and approach in achieving goals and objectives. 

With over 35 years experience, we bring an inclusive global perspective to identify touch points of opportunities which impact all levels of organizational climate and culture.    

Our Specialties

“Global Management Solutions with Purpose”

Business strategy


turn arounds

Organizational alignment

efficiency improvement

staffing analysis

P&l analysis

revenue growth


Data mining

safety assessment



What We Can Do For You

Backman Global will collaborate with your company or manufacturing facility to identify solutions from the plant floor to the executive board room. 


At Backman Global we are able to streamline plant operations, reduce equipment downtime, and design product development.

Project Management

Backman Global is experienced in talent management, labor contract  negotiations and market analysis. 

Technical Services

 Backman Global will evaluate your data streams and identify key areas for process improvement.


We can work with your organization in an advisory capacity to engage communications with current and future clients and staff. 

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