One constant in manufacturing you can count on … equipment breaks … people get frustrated and profits falter.    

Last  year we had the privilege of contracting with a client who had a reoccurring challenge of elevated tool usage and equipment underperformance.  It was our job to identify WHY and propose rock solid long term solutions. 

Backman Global’s core strength is our keen ability to identify potential blinds spots starting with a granular comprehensive system audit which included machine data, process performance and Internal Rate of Return (IRR).  This data was leveraged into a broad-gauge action plan which ultimately improved long term performance and bottom line profitability.  

The project was very successful.  We provided our client with a detailed road-map on how to improve equipment from 75 to 80% efficiency which generated a projected IRR of 185% from their initial capital investment.  By charting out data in lay person’s terms they were able to budget efficiently for equipment rebuilds while maintaining upward profitability with confidence for several years to come.  

Backman Global LLC is an independent consulting agency based in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Our  mission is to refine client-centered strategies that advance productivity using our industry expertise and approach in achieving goals and objectives. With over 35 years experience, we bring an inclusive global perspective to identify touch points of opportunities which impact all levels of organizational climate and culture.   For more information contact us at

                                         “ Global Management Solutions With Purpose” 

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